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Below are the wonderful artists who have currently part of our second mentorship programme. Catch some of their work in the We're Not Quite There Yet Festival on 28 and 29 May 2022 at the Silver Building, Royal Docks, E16 1YZ.

2nd Artist mentorship programme 2022: Performances

Jon Gorrotxategi


Jon Gorrotxategi - headshot copy.png

Susanna Millan Caballero

Susana is a Spanish actress and emerging playwright and director based in London. She is passionate about theatre that positions women stories centre stage, deals with social issues and represents the diversity in the UK culture. She has vast experience as a stage actress, starting at age 15. She has performed in Spanish venues such as the Roman Theatre of Mérida and the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid.

For Project on a Bus, Susanna is developing a one woman, auto-ethnographic play about her experience as a migrant woman who moves to London to find herself, which acts as a catalyst that opens the door to buried trauma. It will include narration and direct audience address, elements of physical theatre and use of prerecorded video and audio. It will have a non-linear structure, exploring how past trauma manifests in the present and in the body. It will explore the themes of identity, female sexuality, independence, mental illness and personal growth. 


Zhivko Ivanov

Zhivko_Ivanov_headshot copy.jpg

Azahara Dorado

AZAHARA DORADO LAGUNA, is an artist from Catalonia. She graduated in Advertising and PR for the University Complutense of Madrid in Spain. During her years at the university in Madrid, Azahara discovered the world of film editing and photography while starting her incursion in concept art and engraving. Azahara was awarded an Erasmus scholarship and studied the last year of her degree in Turin (Italy). 

Through the process of spiritual dance and movement, it has been said women reconnect with their shakti (feminine), allowing them to listen to their feminine bodies and unveiling their inner feminine healing energy which lies hidden within their bodies as the result of the suppression enforced over them by society during the last centuries.

My project aims to further the study of numerous sacred dances outlined as follows: Ritual Belly Dance, Indian Odissi Temple dance, the Egyptian Zaar and Reguibetes dance, Algerian Seated dance and Head dance; and to explore their history related to shamanism and femininity.

azahara copy.jpg

Ena Begovic

Ena is a Croatian actor who finished her BA Drama course with 1st class. Coming from a contemporary dance background, Ena has over 10 years of training in the field. She has worked on her acting through various international workshops including Meisner and Checkov workshops led by Scott Fielding, Voice and Tai Chi by Ang Gey Pin and Theatrical Structure placement at Eugenio Barba's Odin Teatret.
She also has undertaken Film acting summer course: National Youth Film Academy in London. Ena is currently completing a MA in Acting for Stage and Screen at UEL. Her recent professional acting experience was a Pantomime Dick Whittington.

DSC03011-1 copy.jpg

Kevin Murphy

Kevin is an MA Theatre Directing student at UEL originally from the West of Ireland. Kevin has performed with societies all over the Western Region. Notable roles include: Tobias in ‘Sweeney Todd’ (2016 Best Supporting Actor, Runner Up, AIMS), Motel in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ (2020 Best Supporting Actor, Runner Up, AIMS), Mr. Hart in '9 to 5’, Audrey II in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, Uncle Fester in ‘The Addams Family Musical’, Joe Keller in ‘All My Sons’, Demetrius in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ and Gloucester in ‘Edgar I Nothing Am’. 

Kevin has also directed several shows including original pieces: ‘RAG’ (Best Original Writing, ISDA 2015) and ‘Shakes’ (Galway Theatre Festival 2021). Kevin is particularly interested in working with large ensembles: ‘The Last Days of Judas Iscariot’ (Best Director Nominee & Best Ensemble Winner, ISDA, 2019) and takes a large amount of influence from absurdism and surrealism mixed with musical theatre expressionism: ‘Pippin: The Musical’ (3rd Best Overall Show, AIMS 2019). 

Kevin is currently Managing Director of East London Theatre Collective.


Layla Edwars

The piece I would like to develop is largely about loss, and battling the burden of pervasive, recurrent grief which so often walks hand in hand with growth. The working title is 'A Series of Eulogies.', and the piece will be just that - a series of eulogies, dedicated to my past selves, the people we lose in the process of becoming, and both the present and future that my generation could have had. 

 I'm hoping to build a cathartic experience for the audience, and to pose the question of how to move forward; how we can connect despite (or perhaps TO spite) all that we have left behind on our journeys.

Layla Edwards headshot.heic

My Hoan Nguyen


Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 15.11.46.png

Michael Sookhan

Currently been playing around with a loop pedal using my saxophone, would want to experiement adding mime/movement.

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 15.17.53.png


2nd Artist mentorship programme 2022: Performances
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2nd Artist mentorship programme 2022: Performances



2nd Artist mentorship programme 2022: Performances



2nd Artist mentorship programme 2022: Performances
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