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We're Not Quite There Yet Festival: Image

We're Not Quite There Yet Programme:

at University of East London USS campus, 1 Salway Road, E15 1NF

Saturday 28 May 2022


Tickets available via Eventbrite

Supported by the Royal Docks

To Call You My Own by Kevin Murphy

Art is how we express ourselves. When an Artist's painting suddenly comes to life, he gains a new passion through his newfound kinship. With an opening in an exhibition looming and their partner becoming exhausted from supporting the household, the Artist must come to terms with letting their Art speak for itself, and letting go of the past. 

Starring Mia Pincekova as SUPPORT and Rachel Verhoef as ART. ARTIST played by Kevin Murphy.


Tina by Kyrah Ie

TINA- is the name of this performance. It aims to establish a connection between the historical, social, and cultural meaning of the mandjuandadi and Tina (musical instruments played only by women) among Guinea Bissau women and my experiences as an immigrant African black woman over the years.


Tick Sloby Lucy Scammel

‘Tick Slog’ is an autobiographical piece exploring judgement, ambition and resilience in the greater context of day to day life. The performance is designed to recognise that balancing life has its challenges, and hopes to highlight the strain this can have on our self-esteem.

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We're Not Quite There Yet Festival: Performances

The Places From Which I Speak 

by Susana Millan Caballero

Leaving everything and everyone behind to start afresh in a new city in a foreign country can be a lonely and painful process; a high price to pay for finding one’s true self. An extract from a new play about friendship, loss, migration and identity.

Written and performed by: Susana Millán


V.O. actors: Kevin Murphy and Azahara Dorado Laguna

With special thanks to Wildcard Studios and Project on a Bus for their support during the writing and development process. 

The Places_edited.jpg

Coco by Chrisanthi Livadiotis

Who knows what they will do with them. I won’t see them. They come and they go. The carrots, I mean. 

Coco is a general assistant in a kitchen, somewhere. 

A solo performance piece exploring migration and the culinary industry. 

Special thanks to Project on a Bus facilitators, workshop leaders and co-mentees, Maria, Michaella and Sebastião. 


Bloody Influencers by Ena Begovic

Bloody Influencers is comedy about famous influencer Lucija Antonija Matić, aka Daisy Woolworth, Insta queen 
goes on a journey of finding something real in a world where everything she has is fake. So naturally, she starts streaming...

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We're Not Quite There Yet Festival: Performances

Shamanas We Are by Azahara Dorado

A performance about the bond between women and Gaia and how through movement women come to unravel their inner dormant spiritual femininity and true self.
A journey of self discovery, acceptance and appreciation guided by mystical drums and metaphysical rituals.

Shamanas we are.jpg

Transparency by Zhivko Ivanov

Transparency by Zhivko Ivanov is a sci-fi drama mono act. A superpower has been invented by a scientist. This short solo play performance asks - what are the results when the people have superpower and what will they do with it.  Are the consequences of having a superpower predictable?
Music: Jesse Gallagher. 
Performer: Zhivko Ivanov.


We're Like Sisters by Holly Kasselder

We're Like Sisters is a comical (at times unhinged) autobiographical one-woman show that explores the relationships I have with each of my three sisters, what factors caused these relationships to break down, and documents my experiences growing up in a blended family. This work-in-progress showing/stand-up comedy routine gone off the rails explores themes of abandonment, body shaming, and aims to dispel the patriarchal ideals surrounding family, and will explore the feeling of otherness that comes from having half and step-siblings. We’re Like Sisters will be produced in full later this year as part of my PhD, which is examining the performer/audience relationship within autobiographical performance and clarifying what the relationship looks like within my own performance practice.  Follow @_hollyjk on Instagram for more information

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We're Not Quite There Yet Festival: Performances
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